Audrey Claire Besen

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    Name: - Audrey Claire
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, April 10 2007
    Age: - 11 years, 3 months, 5 days
  • Weight: 6 pounds 7 ounces
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Time: 6:51 pm MST
  • Sign: Aries

News Journal

(Monday, June 16 2008)

We will no longer be updating this website. Please find new pictures and stories about Audrey and her family at:

(Wednesday, December 26 2007)

Audrey has her bottom two teeth. She has had them for about a month. It didn''t seem too painful for her when they cut through. No fever or excess crying. I think she might be ...more

(Wednesday, December 26 2007)

Yesterday was Audrey''s first Christmas. She had a fun time playing with the wrapping paper and exploring all of her new toys and books. Some of her favorite new things include: her rocking snail, her walker, ...more

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Guestbook Entries

Grandma Rene (Saturday, June 7 2008)

Loved all the new Photos! My, has Audrey grown, and such a Beautiful young lady! Hard to believe she''s already 14 months old! Keep those pictures coming -- we love seeing them. Thank goodness for the internet!

Aunt Barbara (Thursday, May 29 2008)

What and angel. A whole year old already. I''m going to SanFrancisco this Saturday to see Kara, Tom, Michayla and Nathan. I''ll be there for two weeks. You must be enjoying Spring. Aunt B

Cousins Jaime, Trey and Baby Van (Wednesday, May 7 2008)

I can''t get over how beautiful Audrey is. It''s so wonderful to see her at all the different stages, and we can''t wait to meet her in person... and to introduce Van to her. Love you all!

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